Dec 3

Madison Cares

Be the Change. Make a Difference. Save a Life. Take the Challenge.… read more »

Nov 29

The difficult emotion of shame...

Shame is a universal emotion that almost every person experiences at one or more points in life. It is often accompanied by physical sensations such as heat waves, nausea, or blushing. Shame, in itself, is not a mental health disorder, but research has shown that it hugely impacts mental health problems…… read more »

Nov 28

Staying Hungry……

In a recent interview for a New Zealand newspaper, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star, Jennifer Lawrence, spoke out about her struggles with debilitating anxiety and hyperactivity as a child. Lawrence, not one to shy away from talking about mental illness, spoke openly about her social anxiety which…… read more »

Nov 26

Celebrity Recovery From a Personal Perspective

Recently, Richard Dreyfuss spoke up about his battles with bipolar disorder. He has become one of many celebrities as of late to step “out of the closet” to show that yes.. You can experience the roller coaster of ups and downs, yet still be highly successful with the proper care.… read more »

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